November 2014

Acts 1:8 "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth."

Don Shire Ministries November 2014


Quite often in our newsletters we talk about our ministry to orphans and widows. It is very obvious to us that this is a part of God’s leading in our ministry. However, it is also important to remember that our primary calling and focus continues to be evangelism. There is no greater thrill than to see a life changed for eternity! As you pray for us, please continue to pray that doors of opportunity will continue to open for evangelism. This month I will lead a team of 4 to India. While we will spend time with the almost 300 orphans and 175 widows that we support, we will also hold several evangelistic street meetings. Would you pray for us as we share the good news of Christ?


$50 per month sponsors for putting orphans into homes of India Pastors (see web site for details).

Praise God! Construction has begun on the cement block wall to protect our orphanage property in India. After that we will wait on the Lord for the $280,000 to begin construction of the homes.

Each year it is the special one-time year end gifts that help us through the next year. Would you please consider including us in your end-of-year giving?

Our evangelism trip to Ghana, West Africa has been postponed. Either the Lord is closing the door of opportunity or Satan is trying to block the way. Would you pray that we will be sensitive to God’s plan? We now hope to go to Ghana in February. Do you want to come?

Pray for our intern Colton as he serves this month in Zambia and South Africa. Praise God with us that he has had the opportunity to lead several people to the Lord.

October 2014

Colossians 3:23-24 "Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ."


Enjoying a day at the beach    Director/house parents Orsy & Banesa Cruz        Our private school



It is my privilege to sit on the board of some awesome mission organizations. Along with being on our board here at Don Shire Ministries, I also am currently president of the board of Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries serving on the island of Roatan, Honduras (WWW.SBLMROATAN.ORG) and a member of the executive board of Mission Padamo Aviation Support (MPAS WWW.MPAVIATION.ORG). Many of you have traveled with me to Roatan and Venezuela on mission trips. If you would like to know more about these organizations please go to their web sites and check them out.

I recently was in Roatan for our annual SBLM board meeting. It is exciting to see how the Lord continues to provide for our 17 children. One major step of faith was to promote Orsy and Banesa Cruz to full-time status after 6 years of serving part time. With 17 children and all the responsibilities involved, we believe this decision could not wait any longer. We are trusting the Lord to provide the needed funding. It will be so exciting to see His provision! If you would like to take part in this, 100% of donations sent to Don Shire Ministries designated for Roatan will be sent to that ministry; or, if you wish you can go to their web site and donate directly.

In the next few months I will also be traveling to Haiti, India, and Ghana, West Africa. Please continue to keep us in prayer as the schedule is full. May it be not just full, but effective! Also pray for our missionaries, Colton Draeger (Zambia) and Austin & Hannah Betz (Haiti) as they serve. Thank you so much for supporting our ministry! You help to make each month a new and amazing miracle!

September 2014

Don Shire Ministries Septemeber 2014

Psalm 102:28 The children of your servant shall dwell secure; their offspring shall be established before you.

Pastor Prabhu wrote and asked me to pray for 3 of our girls in India that have “come of age”. I asked why he was requesting prayer...they weren’t sick. I then learned that in India when a young girl “comes of age” it is a time of celebration. I discovered that their custom is much different than here. The girls are excited about maturing and the church has a celebration and special service on their behalf. Then they commit time to pray for the girl and dedicate her to the Lord that she will remain pure and live a Godly life. They pray for her protection.

While their custom is much different than ours, I must admit that it is a wonderful way to welcome a young girl into what is a new, and sometimes scary time of the maturing process. Several of our India girls have “come of age”. Our India children are growing fast. This is a reminder of the urgency to build our new orphanages to separate the boys and girls and to offer better protection. In India, once a girl is “used”, no one wants her as a wife. Recently a man was caught hiding near the bathroom at our largest rented orphanage. It was determined that he was waiting for one of the girls to come there during the night. A girl would never admit to rape as she knows the life long consequences. We really need to have a more secure home!

Our property for the new orphanage now has a water well, electricity, and level ground ready for construction. Our next project, as God provides, will be to build a security wall around the property. The cost for that is $27,000. It is a large cement block wall! It will offer the protection needed for these children. Then, again, as God provides, we will build the first of two large homes. One for girls and one for boys. Already God is touching hearts and gifts have arrived for this project. A lot more is needed, but, God doesn’t start something and then forget about it. This is so exciting to see God at work! Stay tuned!!!


1. HAITI: We are very excited to announce that our ministry team is growing! Austin & Hannah Betz will move to Haiti this month. They will host our mission teams and seek the best ways we can minister in Haiti with such need. They will also be a blessing to the orphanage and help us to understand how we can best care for our orphans at our Faith in Action Orphanage administered by Pastor Cenor.
2. ZAMBIA: Again, our team is growing! Please pray for Colton Draeger as he leaves this month for Zambia. Colton is spending the next year as an intern under our ministry. We have arranged for him to serve in Zambia, Ghana, and Poland during the next 12 months. Would you please include Colton on your prayer list?
3. URGENT NEED: Funds needed to build an orphanage in India. We own the land, have dug a well, and the land is ready for construction. We need to raise $280,000 to build a boys home and a girls home.
4. SPONSORS NEEDED: $50 per month until they are 18 (or as long as you are able).
5. Every month we need to pay for the expenses of all of our unsponsored orphans. It costs about $35 per month per child. Designate your gift to “India Orphans” and 100% will go to their support.

August 2014

Don Shire Ministries July 2014

Phil. 4:19 And my God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Last month we sent almost $10,000 EXTRA to India to get our orphans in school (uniforms, tuition, backpacks, books). It drained the account, but just a few days after that a couple of special gifts came to more than cover that amount! God did it again!!!

Our orphans receiving new textbooks

Someone asked a good question recently. “Why do you need $280,000 to build a new orphanage in India when you have built widows homes and orphanages in the past for about $25,000?” I had asked the same question when I saw the quote! Then it was explained to me that those previous buildings were for 20-30 people. The property that we have been given will allow us to have two buildings. Both will have 2 floors . One building will be for boys and the other for girls. Right now they all live in one room and they are growing up. We need to have separate buildings as they mature. The new buildings will also have adequate kitchens and serving areas. The children presently sit on the floor (where they sleep) to eat and the cooking is done in a crowded area. There will be rooms for house parents to sleep also. I have detailed plans as well as material lists and costs for the materials from the contractor. Can we do it for less? Maybe a little, and we will try, but, what is being proposed is already minimum cost. Keep in mind these buildings will sleep over 125 children. God has provided the property and the funds to put electricity, water and tons of land fill on it. I am confident that somehow, someway, God is going to provide for the rest! I even get excited as I anticipate how He will do it! I love seeing God at work!

Speaking of God at work: I did a concert at a Wisconsin prison recently and about 12 inmates accepted Christ as Savior! When I asked them to take a stand for Christ they jumped up to say they had prayed to receive Christ! AWESOME!!

Once again Kathy and I want to thank our regular support team for their faithful gifts each month. Thanks also to those that gave one time gifts. All of you are a part of the monthly miracle of helping so many, and reaching out with the gospel message.


1. HAITI: Pray for Pastor Cenor’s wife, Merline. She has been diagnosed with diabetes and her sugar counts have been pretty severe.
2. INDIA: Praise for the safe delivery of a baby girl to Pastor Prabhu and wife! This is child number three for them.
3. URGENT NEED: Funds needed to build an orphanage in India. We own the land, have dug a well and presently are buying the fill to level it for construction. We need to raise $280,000 to build a boys home and a girls home.

4. SPONSORS NEEDED: We recently lost 2 of our sponsors. The children are in homes but we are covering their sponsorships until we can find new ones. $50 per month until they are 18 (or as long as you are able).
5. Every month we need to pay for the expenses of all of our unsponsored orphans. It costs about $35 per month per child. Designate your gift to “India Orphans” and 100% will go to their support.