April 2016

It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed. (Deuteronomy 31:8) 


Sometimes we are simply overwhelmed! Last night I was trying to see what could be done to help the situation in India where the wells are dry at four of our widow’s homes and orphanages. We decided to try drilling the current wells deeper. Praise God there was money in our emergency water fund. Please pray that they will get to the water table! Hema, a little girl in India, has leukemia. The treatments are expensive. We sent enough for about half of the chemo treatments. We wait to see where the rest will come from. In Haiti there are many issues to deal with, including finding a new home for our children as our lease expires in June. Possibly we will be able to renew for another year if nothing is found. One of our workers there has cancer on her lips and throat requiring multiple surgeries. How much can we afford to spend in helping her? In Honduras we still have issues with the property deed at the children’s home. We live day to day wondering how it can be resolved. So far all we have found are lawyers that take money and then do nothing. Our monthly budget at DSM now exceeds $20,000 just for the support of widows and orphans, and that is before we pay our own bills. I AM SO GLAD THAT GOD IS IN CONTROL!!! Here’s the good news: Our children are doing well in school in all locations. They LOVE to worship the Lord! A rice farmer volunteered free water to one of our India orphanages until we can resolve the problem. Colton’s outreach is going very well in Haiti and he is making wonderful contacts. Teams continue to visit and encourage us in all of our ministry locations. This fall Colton will oversee the building of a school in Zambia. At concerts there is a wonderful presence of the Lord. Hearts are being changed! We are making plans to build 4 new homes for widows in Haiti. And there is much more to be thankful for!!! NO, GOD IS NOT OVERWHELMED!! THE FUTURE IS AND REMAINS IN HIS HANDS!

         PRAY FOR HEMA                        INDIA                       BUILDING AN EARTH BAG HOME
                                                                                                FOR A WIDOW IN HAITI

Don Shire Ministries December 2015 Colton spent time this month with the children at our children’s home in Haiti teaching them how to grow box gardens on the roof. They LOVED it! Please continue to pray for Colton in Haiti!

March 2016

Hebrews 3:13 "But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called ‘Today’, so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness.” 


After being sick for a week and dealing with some stressful issues lately, I needed some encouragement. God sent it perfectly from my old friend, Bautista (Chief Shoefoot). I am sure he will not mind me sharing it. My missionary friend Mike Dawson serves the Yanomamo tribe in the Venezuela jungle. He said Bautista walked in this morning and said he wanted to send me a word of encouragement. The Lord works in mysterious ways!

"My good friend Don, I want to send my words to you. Like we are sitting together talking, I want you to hear my words. I am hoping you are well. Is your wife well. I pray for you all. Are you still rejoicing in the Lord? I think of our times when we traveled sharing God’s work. I wish I could travel one more time. But my traveling days are over. I am almost blind now and have a hard time hearing, but I know God loves me and my time is coming to go to HIM. I am a Yanomamö and I know God loves me, so I wanted to send my words to you. Although I am old now, I hurt a lot, and my body is failing, but God is good and my confidence is in HIM. This is why I wanted to send my words to you. I want to make sure you are still rejoicing in the Lord. I desire to hear your thoughts to me. Remember, our joy comes from the Lord not from what we are going through. When we get to heaven and see God, our time on this earth is going to not be anything. This earth is going to pass, but our eternity is with HIM. Let us rejoice in this fact. Let’s not be double minded, but let’s serve God with our whole one heart.
Don, these are my words to you,
I am your friend,


The Fox Valley Christian Academy fundraiser to build an earthbag home in Haiti. THEY RAISED ENOUGH TO BUILD TWO HOMES!!!

Construction began this month on our new orphanage in India. All permits were approved!

Don Shire Ministries December 2015 Colton is in Haiti and has hit the ground running! He recently traveled to Hinche, hung his hammock in the church and focused on evangelism. They showed the Jesus Film and shared the gospel. Please continue to pray for Colton in Haiti!

Please note: payment for this trip will not be considered tax deductible.

February 2016

John 21:25 "Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written." 

This month our Faith in Action team will build a church in Hinche, Haiti. It will be our first church built with earth bags.

Another team will make a few chairs for this dear lady (below) and do some repairs to her home.

HAITI: A gang leader told us we were under his protection because we keep coming back to help his people. As we visited, he shared about his sick mother. I asked if we could pray for her. He took us to her humble home. Before we prayed, I shared with her God’s provision for eternal life. She prayed with me and received Jesus as her Savior. I asked her son if he knew whether he would be going to Heaven or Hell upon his death. Without hesitation he said “Hell!” He said it is because of all the people he has killed. He hears their voices in his head. He wasn’t ready to receive Christ for fear his own gang might turn on him. He did agree, however, to attend a Bible study with a local pastor. Would you pray for my new friend? We will be there this month. Our plan is to have an outdoor evangelistic service. We will also paint the home that one of our teams recently built for a widow with 7 children. Cite Soliel is said to be the poorest city in our western hemisphere. Your prayers are appreciated!

INDIA: 8 year old Hima, from our Vijayawada orphanage, started her treatments for leukemia in January. The doctors give little hope. But our God loves to hear from us. Would you add this young girl to your next conversation with God? We have established a fund for her treatments and for future health issues with the orphans and widows. As the Lord leads, 100% of any gifts towards this will go to that fund. Her treatments are $800 every two weeks. She will receive 16 treatments.

Don Shire Ministries December 2015 Please pray for Colton as he moves to Haiti this month for the next year to learn the language, the culture, and how our ministry can be most effective as we lead teams there in the future.

January 2016

Acts 13:47 "For so the Lord has commanded us, saying, 'I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.' "  

LEFT: Two girls that live in Cite Soliel, Haiti, considered the poorest city in the western hemisphere. Last month our team ministered to these girls and many other children that live there. Many had nothing to wear.

RIGHT: Homes of Cite Soliel, Haiti. This is the site where we will build a home this month for a homeless woman, her three children and her mother. She asked if the walls would be bullet proof. She was thrilled to know that the earth bag house we were building her is indeed bullet proof.

This is how our ministry starts in 2016. Once again we are so very grateful to all those that pray for us and support us, making it possible to help those in need and ultimately to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray for us as we travel, as well as for Colton as he prepares to live for one year in Haiti.

BELOW: Team member, Lori, offering a hug to a little girl that rarely sees any form of love.

This month we also have two teams traveling on our annual Mission Cruises. Please pray for effective opportunities to share the love of Christ as we travel beyond the ports and minister to those in need. Start planning now to join us next January! WWW.MISSIONCRUISE.ORG

Don Shire Ministries December 2015 Hey friends, as the new year approaches, so do new opportunities! I am happy to let you all know that I am moving to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, as my home base for the year of 2016. With a new orphanage in the works and many developing projects, Don and I both feel I could be very effective for God’s work in the island country. Many things are falling into place, but there are some things that have yet to be determined. Please pray with me as I settle into a new country, adjusting to the food, climate, and language. I know there will be dark times, but as a wise old missionary always said, "God pays for what He orders". So whatever the cost, may Jesus be glorified!